Soap Potions has developed a unique way everyone can fundraise or donate to a cause that he or she desires.

Our handmade pure personal care products allow you to experience an herbalist awakening while helping out a cause. You will enjoy the products and have the chance to donate 10% of your purchase to a nonprofit of your choice.

Soap Potions was developed to give customers natural personal care products without the chemicals that we are exposed to today in most personal care products and to allow customers to give back to their communities without spending any extra cash.

How it works is during your final stage of paying for your product; there is a drop-down list with a list of charities that you may choose from. There is also a place where you may name the nonprofit that you wish to have the 10% of your purchase if you do not see the charity on the drop-down list. It is as simple as that.

These charities will be paid out every month not yearly like other online fundraisers. The charities will also know who donated to them each month. The charities will have to chance to give you a donation letter for tax purposes.

This type of fundraiser is easy and simple. Nonprofits will excel with this fundraiser because it is no out of pocket cost to you or your donors. Soap Potions gives fundraisers more power and flexibility than any other fundraising company because we uniquely allow the customers to donate without any extra cash spent other than on the personal care product they have purchased.

Our experienced fundraising specialists have developed a way to help thousands of groups to hold successful fundraisers and you don’t have to be part of a school, group, church, or any nonprofit organization to raise money.

We are tremendously excited about our fundraising program to help individuals and organizations. If you would like to contact us feel free call us at 310-997-7198.